EmPrint Cachets for 2016 Stamp Issues...

The original hand painted version of this design won the International Cover Collector's Association On-Line Contest... I printed a copy for each ICCA Member

American First Day Cover Society Court of Honor

It was indeed a great honor to have been named the 36th Recipient

of the Annual "Court of Honor" Cachet Maker Designation.

Each year a Cachet Maker is chosen to create a Christmas Cachet that will be printed and sold to benefit the AFDCS.

Shown below are my own EmPrint versions of the design.  I made extra effort to better match the original artwork color and improved the size and placement of the design.  The AFDCS' version was okay... but being the perfectionist that I am I felt it necessary to improve them just a bit.

To the left you see the Artwork that was painted oversized & contributed to AFDCS

Below is the "Insert Card" that was included with each AFDCS Printed Cover

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