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Hand Painted Cachets for 1987 Stamp Issues...


Eldon Mohler

Well known First Day Cover Cachet Collector and a Very Good Customer of mine was brave enough to request this pair of 1987 CPA Cachets to be hand painted for his collection.  The idea was to chronicle his great career serving as a successful Certified Public Accountant.  My experience for the most part when painting a portrait or even a cartoon caricature of someone most viewers of the finished piece agree that it looks "just like them"... but very often the 'victim' does not really agree usually saying... "That doesn't look like me!"  Eldon was kind enough to not complain and I count it an honor to have created these for him along with many, many (mostly baseball related) other cachets over the years.    Thanks Eldon!


American Wildlife - Large First Day Covers

This was the first of many Cachets I have done for a collector that specializes in Full Pane Stamps on larger (Usually 10" x 13") First Day Covers... Several of them have been for the 1987 Wildlife Stamp Issue.  There have also been other issues I've done for him on these Over-Sized First Day Covers... they are scattered about on the website. 

Many of them for Christmas Stamp Issues centering on the birth of Christ.


The cover above was painted in water color in the early years of Emrick Cachets...

The one below was painted more recently using my current medium of choice - Water-based Oils.

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