EmPrint Cachets for 2018 Stamp Issues...

*This cover is franked with a 2017 US Flag Stamp but is canceled in 2018

Billy Graham

Memorial Cover

I created an EmSketch Hand Drawn Graphite Cover canceled on the date that Billy Graham died.  I then printed only ten.  I have one in my collection and I sent one to Franklin Graham as a gift.  The rest are available for others to add to their collection as long as they last.  Only a very few left as of this writing...

I received this nice letter from Franklin Graham thanking me.  I decided to print the images of the design onto the front & reverse sides of the envelope that carried the letter for my personal collection.

Emrick Cachets

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John 3:16

Romans 5:8, 6:23, 10:13

​John 14:6

Revelation 3:20

Romans 10:9