EmPrint Cachets for 2018 Stamp Issues...

*This cover is franked with a 2017 US Flag Stamp but is canceled in 2018

Billy Graham

Memorial Cover

I created an EmSketch Hand Drawn Graphite Cover canceled on the date that Billy Graham died.  I then printed only ten.  I have one in my collection and I sent one to Franklin Graham as a gift.  The rest are available for others to add to their collection as long as they last.  Only a very few left as of this writing...

I received this nice letter from Franklin Graham thanking me.  I decided to print the images of the design onto the front & reverse sides of the envelope that carried the letter for my personal collection.

Statue of Freedom - Several Designs

Seen above are the several combinations of different designs with various kinds of cancellations... digital, pictorial, and bullseye printed as EmPrint Covers using my Capitol Dome and Statue of Freedom original artwork.  Below you will see the covers with all three stamps.

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