"Ioor-EmPrint" Cachets for 2020 Presort Star Stamp


USING "Un-Used Ioor Covers"

For Years I've had a stash of seven of these well known Ioor Cachet Covers that were printed back in 1938 for the then "New Prexie" Set of Stamps. 


These un-used covers had the *Ioor Cachet printed on them but they had never been stamped nor canceled.

*(The Rectangular Frame with Oval Presidential Portraits on the left side...)


I came up with an idea to add the 2020 Presort Stamps & First Day Cancels using my own "Prexie" EmSketch Artwork with a new frame to create these

2020 Presort Stamp First Day Covers


Making good use of these long neglected

pieces of philatelic history!

The Reverse Side of each of the Covers will be printed as seen here of the George Washington Cover Example: Date Printed & Identifying the Cancel.

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