"Prexie - Other Stamp - Airmail - Non-Airmail - First Day Covers Set"

This Set began with the intention to use only the 1938 Presidential Series Stamps on Airmail Covers with the slightly altered design as was used on the "Prexie Presidential Set" seen on another page of this website. 





Soon the Airmail Covers for each of the remaining "Prexies" became more difficult to find and several "interesting - Non-Prexie" stamps on Airmail Covers with connections to certain Presidents were used keeping with the basic design.  Then even the Airmail Covers requirement was loosened to include some of the more recent Presidents... but the same design retained.  So, it has become a "Varied Presidential Set" that includes "Presidents - Prexie and Other Stamps - Airmail - Non-Airmail - Covers"... a nice assortment of Presidential Covers all tied together by the use of the same design for the same Collector.  As of this writing the collection is still being added to in hopes of including all of the US Presidents when complete.

Before starting this Set the Collector had already added a few of the "Prexie Design" Covers to their collection with the unaltered base design.  These are the George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, & Woodrow Wilson covers.

The covers are placed in order of being created rather than chronologically.  The order was more or less dictated by when each cover could be found & purchased.

     More to come...

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