EmPrint Cachets for 2019 Stamp Issues...

Military Working Dogs

The Cover with all four stamps seen to the left sold out quickly and the #8 of 12 has been entered into the AFDCS Cachet Maker's Contest for 2019

The Cover on the left above shows the slightly altered usage of the same design image to fit on the Single German Shepherd FDC.  The cover on the right is the only one with all four stamps on the left side of the First Day Cover using the altered design to fit this One of a Kind Version...



I painted 8" x 10" artwork for each of the two Train Engines for use in several upcoming designs...

These Purple Heart First Day Covers are part of the "Family Chronicle Project" that I have been participating in providing artwork and cachets that are placed into Albums in memory of times and events in the family history of several collectors.  Several other variations were printed using the same design elements in addition to those seen here.

Another design using the over-sized artwork I did for these stamps...

"West to East & East to West"

Another added 7/4/20

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