All of my Hand Painted and EmSketch Cachets are sold directly from Customer Requests... The "Schedule" reflects the position of each project and can be seen on the Home Page of this website.

I currently make 99% of all sales of my

printed EmPrint Cachets using eBay.


There are occasions where customers make direct requests for covers and direct sales are made outside of the eBay system. 


I plan to slowly move most of these printed cover sales from eBay to this website.  I will continue listing some covers on eBay even after moving most items to this website.

I hope to be building Sales Pages for each of the three types of covers that are available in the near future.

Hand Painted - EmSketch - EmPrint

In the meantime please continue checking my eBay listings by clicking on the eBay link at the foot of each web page.

Please, browse through the site and use the "Contact" email you will find by clicking the "Contact" Navigation Bar to make direct sales requests... I can print any of the EmPrint designs for you as long as First Day Covers are available in my inventory or can be supplied by the Customer...


The Hand Painted and Hand Drawn EmSketch designs that have not yet been converted to EmPrint format can be created as printed EmPrint versions upon request.


So be sure to take a look at all of them. 

*(Hand painted designs that bleed up to the stamp will require slight alterations for printing)

Coming Soon!

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