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Direct Sales - EmPrint Cachet Covers

"Operation Highjump - 1946 - 1947"

EmPrint Cachets

I have had these covers in inventory waiting for paint for years... I recently printed my design for this historic event on a few of the 2007 Polar Year FDCs as well as a couple of 1947 Highjump Event Covers. 

While in the process of printing these I decided to go ahead and print ALL of the remaining covers and put them up for sale here on this new Sales Web Page.

Reduced Pricing

$6.50 Each + $1.50 s/h

s/h for each additional cover $0.50 Each

Each Scan is of Actual Cover that you choose

Contact me for combined shipping price if purchasing more than one.

These Covers are to be sold "First Come First Served". 


Once you have made your selections simply click on the

"Contact Me" type seen just below to tell me which one(s) 

that you want and I will send you my Paypal Payment Link

in reply to your email for easy payment and shipment will

be made within a day or so...

Click Here - Contact Me


                          A                                                            B                                                     C      


                      D                                                            E                                                     F      


                      G                                                            H                                                     I      


                    J                                                            K                                                     L      

Each of the images seen here are scans of the actual covers being offered. 

Look closely at each scan.

Covers A through J are the same

design and stamp configuration.

Most of these have been signed by

Robbie Robbins, Radio Operator & survivor of the Crash of "George I".

The black bump pass through the printer for Cover "F" was made using the "color print file" by mistake...

... which gives it a "dark" look. 

Different, but really not that bad. 

The differences between the others is basically in the slight variation of the signatures and slight differences in cancel location.

Covers "K" & "L" have different stamps. 

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