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Choose One to Four Covers: $6.50 each + $2.00 s/h (Total)

Choose Any Five: $27.50 + $2.50 s/h

Choose Any Ten: $45.50 + $4.50 s/h

Choose Any Twenty: $74.50 + $8.50 s/h

Any Additional over Twenty add $3.50 Each to the $74.50 - s/h Remains at $8.50

Items are sold "First Come First Served".  Once you have made your selections simply click on the "Contact Me" type seen here and provide me with a list of the covers you want to purchase. 


Each Cover Shown is Identified with a "Letter & Title" to simplify making your list. 


Use the Designation "Letter" and "Title" seen under each scan when listing your choices...

Example: A - Superman, R - Cat Clock Cat, etc., etc.

Please, include your Name and Mailing Address*I only ship to continental US Addresses.

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Once I receive your list of selected covers I will double check inventory and confirm that each of the covers chosen is available and I will provide my Paypal payment link for easy payment. 

Once payment is received the selected covers will be carefully

and securely packaged for shipment to your mailing address.



A - Superman Event Cover                  B - W.C. Handy                                    C - Duck Decoys - Wood Duck


D - Houdini King of Cards                    E - Old Time Pitcher                            F - 2c Woodpecker - 5 Stamps + 1

G - USS Constitution                            H - JFK - PT-109                                  I - 1985 BSA Diamond Jubilee


J - Crops - Peppers Stamp                 K - Old Time Pitcher                            L - Forever - God Bless America

M - Pollination Bee                              N - Pollination Butterfly                     O - Forever - God Bless America


P - Crops - Squash Stamp                  Q - Crops - Corn Stamp                      R - Cat Clock Cat

S - Wood Duck Block of 4                   T - Lady Ella & The Duke                    U - Crops - Beans Stamp


V - Reagan Birthplace Cancel              W - Ella & Oscar                                  X - Wood Duck Single Stamp


Y - True Hope - DE Cancel                  Z - Original Teddy                                AA - TEXPEX


BB - Thurgood Marshall                       CC - Kukla, Fran & Ollie                     DD - Burns & Allen



EE - True Hope - D.C. Cancel              FF - Original Teddy Blue                     GG - Honeymooners




HH - Shot Heard...                               II - 2001 Lunar Snake                          JJ - Teddy Bear - Elvis



KK - Original Teddy - 4 Stamps         LL - Teddy Bear - Elvis                        MM - Statue of Liberty

NN - True Hope Hawaii Cancel           OO - Presort Eagles                            PP - Mark Twain


QQ - Owney                                          RR - Lunar Year of Snake 2013         SS - Ted Williams

TT - Lunar Year of Rabbit 2011         UU - Ronald Reagan Thumbs Up!     VV - True Hope - Chicago Cancel



WW - Gary Cooper                               XX - Joe DiMaggio                                YY - Ray Harroun's Wasp



ZZ - A.J. Foyt                                        AAA - Red Skelton                                BBB - Barney Oldfield

CCC - Hot Rod Coupe                            DDD - Hockey Stanley                      EEE - Lamb of God


FFF - Almost Heaven                          GGG - Old Glory                                   HHH - Battle of Midway



III - Elvis & Nixon                                  JJJ - 1937 Ford Pickup                       KKK - Cherry Pie Small Sticker


LLL - Lunar (Evil?) Monkeys               MMM - Doolittle Raid                          NNN - Father Hesburgh


OOO - Elvis Presley                             PPP - Wanna' Play?                              QQQ - Elvis Aaron Presley

RRR - Trump Inauguration                 SSS - Cherry Pie Lg. Sticker              TTT - Odd Dog?

UUU - Peach Basket                             VVV - Billy Graham Memorial           WWW - Butterfield Stage

XXX - Peach Basket                             YYY - Billy Graham Memorial          

Most of the images seen here are scans of the actual covers being offered. 

A small number of these are my "earlier" EmPrint Covers that were printed using a Laser Printer.  I soon found that I can achieve much better results using an Ink Jet Printer and my New Improved Multi-Pass Printing Methods.

Most seen here are of the Ink Jet Type...

Look closely at each scan. 

A few of these have small flaws...

For example see: MM - Statue of Liberty

This cover has the background image printing over the edge of the stamp.


I feel that even the few covers with slight flaws are still of a quality worthy of adding to a collection especially with the reduced prices offered on this page.

Most shown here have no flaws.

Any cover received that is not up to your expectations may be returned for full refund (less s/h charges)

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