2010 - Negro League Baseball


"Satchel Paige - Cleveland Indians"


Unique Stamp Combination/Cancel... 

Modified the design used on the "Red Border" Set (see below) to go with the stamps and digital cancel


Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige

Sepia/Color Design Without #855 Combo

White Background...


A slightly "revised" Jackie Robinson usning a different "sepia" image from Robinson's K.C. Monarch days... Same design seen above both with #855 Combo & #2 without. 

... a companion "Roy Campanella" design showing a young Roy with the Baltimore Elite Giants in the "sepia" painting and later in his career batting as a Brooklyn Dodger...



Set of Three "Diamond" Design

"Cool Papa" Bell, Oscar Charleston, & "Buck" Leonard



2010 Negro League Baseball - 1939 Baseball Centennial Combination

"Satchel" - "Minnie" - "Biz"


2010 Negro League Baseball - "Biz" Mackey - 1927 Tour of Japan

*(Without 1939 Baseball Centennial Combination)

2010 Negro League Baseball - "Minnie" Minoso (#2)

Slightly differnt type placement from first of this design...

... and just to prove that I'm "human".  The last thing I do with all of my cachets is to apply the hand stamp "Emrick Cachets" logo on the reverse of each finished cover.  I was a little distracted while stamping this Minoso cover... 

Rather than repaint the whole thing I just added a "free" cachet on the back and hope that the collector agrees that it just may make it a little more "unique"!




2010 Negro League Baseball - 2008 Take Me Out to the Ball Game Dual Cancel

"First and Last Negro League Players to Reach the Major Leagues..."




2010 Negro League Baseball - 1939 Baseball Centennial

Set of Three "Sepia" Designs




The "Red Border" Set

2010 Negro League Baseball - With Both Stamps

Set of Ten