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Hand Drawn / Hand Painted

Emrick Cachet Covers

To obtain these hand painted covers you simply

place your request onto the "Schedule".

You may place any number of covers into the

next open slots of the Schedule at any time.

Contact me using the email address at the

bottom of each web page for

Current Pricing & Placing Orders

There is a VERY LONG waiting period

for these hand painted covers. 

For many years now the number of covers

waiting for paint has remained very high."

There is


made at the time a project is placed

onto the "Schedule"

When I am within a week of finishing each project

I will THEN contact

the Customer asking for payment in full.

At the same time I also contact the Customer

for the NEXT Project to confirm they still want

to proceed.  If so I begin and payment is not made until I again get within a week of finishing.

If for any reason the Customer does not pay

I will simply sell them to another and

proceed to the next project on the "Schedule".

This delay in payment is to keep me from feeling

"pressure to hurry"  because I'm holding the

Customer's money while working on the covers...

Some projects are for a large number

of covers and this means months of waiting after

making payment if I were to ask for payment before starting.

As my "Trademark" Pickup Logo says... 

The wait is long but I do my VERY BEST to make that wait worth while!

"EmSketch" Covers

These hand drawn pencil sketch cachets take less time and depending on the number of covers in any EmSketch Project they are usually shipped within three weeks of receiving payment.

Contact me via the email address at the bottom of each

web page for current pricing & placing orders...

Any number of EmSketch Cachets

may be ordered at one time.

EmSketch Covers may be ordered at any time. 

When an EmSketch order is placed I break into

the hand painting schedule to fill the EmSketch orders

working in my "spare time"  while "resting"

between painting sessions. 

In recent years I created "EmSketch-Plus" which

are the same graphite pencil drawings but with

a "touch" of color added to a portion of the design.  

There is a small additional price per cover for

these EmSketch-Plus designs.

EmPrint Covers

Most often these EmPrint covers are sold on eBay

and you can always check to see what I may have at any given time by clicking on the eBay link at the bottom of each web page.  

I do have a large inventory of First Day Cover Blanks and as you tour the site if you see any design hand painted or hand drawn EmSketch it is most likely that I can convert the design you like to an EmPrint version... or if you see an EmPrint here on this site that isn't currently offered on eBay... ask to see if I have a FDC Blank to print one for you... 

... also, if you see one that hasn't already

been offered in printed form - Just Ask!


EmPrint Cachet Details & Information


To open the way for more people to add my work to their collections

I decided to begin "EmPrint" - printed cachets using my own artwork. 

Most EmPrint Covers are printed versions of my hand painted

Emrick Cachet designs or my hand drawn EmSketch artwork... 

Some are printed from artwork that I create specifically for the EmPrint design that has never been on a cover before. 

The quantities printed are very small most often ten or less. 

Being retired from a long and gratifying career in high quality commercial printing I have applied my knowledge of printing

using Photoshop to create multiple print files for each design...

Sending each cover through my ink jet printer several times

first with the "Main Printer" then extra passes for

"Color Bump" & "Black Bump" hits as each design may

deem necessary to more closely match the original artwork. 

The extra effort gives much nicer results adding

greater value to these printed cachets.

Again, most often these EmPrint

covers are sold on eBay

You may always check to see what I may

have at any given time by

clicking on the eBay link

at the bottom of each web page.