2014 Vintage Circus - EmPrint

I sell these printed covers on eBay but you may purchase them directly by using the "Contact Me" email here on this website.  I will let you know the availability and current pricing of any you are interested in.

Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama




"Batman - TV Series"

"Batman Creators"

"The Dark Knight"

Hot Rods

The scan above shows the resulting EmPrint cover using the file that was "painted" on the computer using Rebelle software.  This was my 1st try at this and I wasn't completely satisfied... I also wanted to add the "Little Deuce Coupe" type to these.  So, I added the type and also did some "hand painting" over the printed cover to sharpen it up a bit...  See scan below:

Guess this is my first "EmPrint-Plus" Cover!

Vintage Circus Posters

Chinese Lunar

"Year of the Horse"

C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson

"Chief Instructor"

"Eleanor Roosevelt Takes a Ride"

"Benjamin O. Davis Jr."

"Tuskegee Airmen"

With Combination P-51 Stamp

Single Stamp - With 4-Bar First Day of Issue Cancel

Single Stamp - With Digital Cancel

Three Combination

Stamps are being

used with the various

2014 Vintage Circus

Stamps that were


The three combo

stamps are:

1966 Circus Clown

1990's Circus Wagon

2014 Zazzle

Emrick Cachets

The canceled



are random. 

Preferences of

stamps used may

be requested...

and fulfilled "if"

they are

actually available.

I can let you know

what stamp combos

are available at

the time you make a

request for one of

the twenty of these


Single Stamp Version

           "Big Top" Covers

  1 of 20

  2 of 20

  3 of 20

  4 of 20

  5 of 20

  6 of 20

  7 of 20

  8 of 20

*Note: The above scans are shown to let you see the some

of the different stamp combinations available...

"Big Top" Design

This first EmPrint Design for this stamp issue is a reduced size print of the "AFDCS 2014 Cachet of the Year" Cover.

There will be a total of 20 "Big Top" EmPrint Covers produced.  I will post a scan of each as they are printed and sold. 

Other designs will be made available in the near future.  If interested in one of the "Big Top" covers or a new design, just contact me with your requests.

"Print Test Covers"

These two covers are the result of the "Testing" phase of printing this design...

The reverse side of these two covers bear the added "Test Stamp",  Emrick Cachets Logo, and "Test Text" seen here to indicate further adjustments were made to the actual "production covers" printed following print setting adjustments with this design. 

Test Covers #001 and #002 have been sold... No further "Test Covers will be printed.