Shortly after I started my "EmPrint" printed cachets I thought of coming up with cachet designs using artwork

other than my own from time to time... unlike the EmPrint Covers which are all printed from my own artwork.

I have found however that creating printed versions of my Hand Drawn and Hand Painted Cachets as well as

using other artwork I've done beyond the First Day Cover artworkhas kept me quite busy...

... As a result very few "BobCatchets" have been printed to date.

I have placed scans of the few that exist here on this page and it could be that in the future others

will join them but I will likely continue focusing mainly on using my own artwork for my printed cachets.


*The crazy name does connect with the

fact that my first name is "Bob"...

... and I  make Cachets

   "Cat-ch" on?

2012 1c Bobcat

This was the FIRST BOBCATchet Cover... only seemed right to do a "Bobcat"

Also used the same design for a 1990 $2 Bobcat FDC - See Below

2017 Father Ted Hesburgh
2001 Christmas 34c Santa Clause
2015 Elvis Presley - Imperf Stamp
2016 Pickups Chevrolet
2016 Pickups '48 Ford
2016 Pickups 1938 International Harvester
2016 Pickup Trucks '65 Ford