2016 AFDCS Cachet Maker's Contest

2016 AFDCS "Court of Honor"

2016 ICCA Online Competition

2016 Pickups - 1948 Ford F-1


Court of Honor

# 36

"Court of Honor"

Article in November-December 2016 Issue of  AFDCS "First Days" Journal

Second Place

Hand Painted Hand Drawn Category

2016 Pickups - 1948 Ford F-1 Stamp

Bullseye Cancel

I came across a photo of a 1946 Ford Pickup and liked

the "rough & ready" look of this old workhorse.

The truck in the photo had a worn logo painted on the

door of the truck so it gave me the idea of "adopting" this

truck and adding a worn Emrick Cachets logo.

Since creating this design I've been using the  old

workhorse as part of my "Cachet Image".

Only won Second Place, but many told me after the

contest results that they thought it should have been 1st...

No matter, I am honored to have won anything!

I am honored to have been named

American First Day Cover Society's

Thirty-Sixth Court of Honor Cachetmaker. 

AFDCS selects  a Cachetmaker to design their

"Court of Honor" Christmas Cachet Design each year...

I am grateful to AFDCS for the opportunity

to contribute my artwork for the purpose of

adding support to the AFDCS by means of

sales of the printed Court of Honor Covers. 

I am  grateful to have my work considered worthy

to be included in this honored group of cachetmakers.

The images above are scans of the covers that I have printed

myself on my home laser printer as "EmPrint" Covers. 

The official AFDCS Court of Honor Covers were printed

on an offset press and are available through the

American First Day Society. 

Because of my experience in a long and gratifying career in

high end quality commercial printing - plus being

the artist of the work printed I was just a bit disappointed

in the print quality of the AFDCS version...

I also printed the EmPrints with a larger image and

included scripture on the Nativity stamped covers.

The Insert Card was printed by AFDCS and included

in their offerings of the covers... I was provided with a

supply of these to be inserted in my versions as well.

Winner of 1st ICCA Cachet Contest

The  ICCA held a first ever

"On-Line" Cachet Contest in May of 2016.

As it turns out it was not only the 1st but also the last of this contest.

But it was fun while it lasted!

The entry cachets were to be made for the

2016 Lunar Year of the "Fire" Monkey. 

My first thoughts for the"Fire Monkey" theme went straight

to the Three No-Evil Monkeys that we all know so well...

My three monkeys couldn't seem to do the job right

as you can see, they all were always "cheating"...

... so they had to be "FIRED"!

Winners were determined by ICCA Members voting online.

My cachet was voted to a tie with another very fine cachet

design entry and in the end won  a very close "run-off"!