2015 - My Tenth Full Year of Cachetmaking...

Ingrid Bergman

War of 1812 -The Battle of New Orleans

"Old Hickory"

Appomattox Court House

Maya Angelou

Black Poets Series

Scan below shows the copy printed on the Reverse of Each Cover

NOTE: My scan of the finished cover doesn't correctly "reflect"

*(Pun Intended) the metallic gold background color used in this design. 

I took a photograph of the cover (See Above)

to give you a better view of this metallic gold color. 

The metallic gold gives the portrait a very unique look!

The whole set of eleven poets will have the same design and the same metallic gold background.

I will post each of the eleven Black Poet Covers here as they are completed.

United States Coast Guard

This design was created by scanning my own artwork and printing the "Key-Line" image onto the First Day Cover Blank.  Then it was hand painted using mixed medium consisting of Water Color, Water Based Oils, Metallic Gold for the border and Black Pen for the border outline and signature... My normal method is to hand draw the design onto each single cover and hand paint without any "printing" involved.  Just wanted to try something different this time... Here is a scan of my artwork that makes up the "printed" portion.

Elvis Presley

1st Place

Hand Drawn - Hand Painted Category

2015 AFDCS Cachet Makers Contest...