2012 - My Seventh Full Year of Cachetmaking...

Another Miles Davis Design...

Edgar Rice Burroughs 

"Tarzan of the Apes"

Dogs At Work

Note: The circular border was painted too wide on the first "Companion & Friend" cover that I painted... I repainted it with the correct width to keep consistancy within the set of 4.  I will possibly re-work this one slightly and if I find time will paint the other three to match the resulting design.  I will post any progress with this here.

Second Miles Davis Design...

Second Edith Piaf Design...

Edith Piaf Dual Cancel


Miles Davis Dual Cancel


Edith Piaf - Miles Davis Dual Cancel

Trying to find the "common thread" that may have been behind the decision to bring these two entertainers together for this stamp issue, all I could find was the fact that both were very popular in each other's home country.  

So, I went with "Musique - Music" indicating the overcoming of the language barriers... But of course Davis' trumpet "spoke" perfect French!  



War of 1812 USS Constitution

USS Constitution defeats HMS Guerriere


Captain Isaac Hull

Captain William Bainbridge

Captain Charles Stewart




First Place Hand Drawn - Hand Painted 2012 AFDCS Cachetmakers Contest




Sunshine Skyway Bridge

"USCG Eagle Approaching"




Scouting - "Juliette Low"



Carmel Mission



Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon



Baseball All Stars

Set of Four

Ted Williams, Larry Doby, Joe Dimaggio, and Willie Stargell

Colors for the Design have been changed and the shadows eliminated for the Second Set... Eight more sets are available and either version may be ordered.


2012 Christmas "Santa" 

This design was painted to be scanned and PRINTED as an "EmPrint" Cachet and used as a Hand-Out for Attendees of the Chapter 56 Christmas Dinner of 2012...

The Hand Painted Cover has been donated to American First Day Cover Society Chapter 56