2011 - My Sixth Full Year of Cachetmaking...


Indianapolis 500

"Ray Harroun's Marmon Wasp"

Owney the Postal Dog Cover

Included in the Smithsonian

Postal Museum "Owney" Display

2011 Owney the Postal Dog Issue

This "Owney the Postal Pooch" Design

was accepted by the Smithsonian Postal Museum

and has been included in their "Owney Display"! 

The #1 of 16 Cover is now the property of the Smithsonian Museum... 

There are just a few available to be put onto the Schedule.


Barney Oldfield Cover 2nd Place in the 2011 American First Day Cover Society Cachetmaker's Contest...

2011 - Indianapolis 500 Issue

Second Place Winner - 2011 AFDCS Cachetmaker Contest Hand Drawn - Hand Painted

This design, just like 'Ol Barney never came in First... but as the copy on the cover states ...he WAS the first to run a 100 mph Lap!...    and 2nd Place isn't so bad!

There are still some FDC Blanks available for this Barney Oldfield design...

Number Two of Ten... Note the slight "Improvements" that occur over time with experience and practice!  You could order Number Three and get even better?



JAZZ - "Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five"

Jazz - "David 'Fathead' Newman

#3 of 10 Louis Armstrong


2011 Indy 500

"Eddie Rickenbacker"


2011 Indy 500

"A. J. Foyt - Super-Tex" 


2011 - Chinese Lunar Year 

"Year of the Rabbit"

2011 Barbara Jordan

Set of 12 "Black Politicians"


2011 Merchant Marines - Four Stamp Issue

This cachet was hand painted, scanned and the image printed on First Day Covers used to deliver the September, 2011 Issue of "Left Sider Newsletter" for the AFDCS Chapter 65 CMA (Cachetmakers Association Chapter)

The hand painted cover shown above has been sold but may be placed on the Schedule along with the designs for the other three stamps that have yet to be produced...



2011 Ronald Reagan - Centennial Anniversary Issue

"USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76"

I have more of these FDC Blanks FDC Blanks ready for new designs.


"AFDCS Fred Sawyer North Texas Chapter 56 - 25th Anniversary"

This is an "EmPrint" - Printed Edition painted for Chapter 56. 

The original artwork has been framed and hangs in the Wineburgh Philatelic Library at the University of Texas at Dallas Campus...

These "EmPrint" printed covers were sold at the 2011 TexPex show.  Bart Forbes, the artist who did the artwork for the stamp was there signing the covers for those who wanted the signature... some even wanted MY signature as well.  The cover above has both...  I do not have any of these available.

2011 Jazz

I have painted NINE Combination Jazz Musicians

Click on the Thelonious Monk image above to see them all!


2011 Celebrate!

I did this quick cachet for a dear friend for her 94th Birthday "Celebration"... Happy Birthday Theda!