2010 - My Fifth Full Year of Cachetmaking...



2010 Animal Rescue

Set of Ten

These were painted two at a time... Spaced out on the Schedule...

The Jack Russell Terrier was Started in October 2013 and the Set of Ten

was Completed with the Boston Terrier in March 2015.

Note:  I realize that the USPS stamp image on my "Siamese Cat" design is possibly a "Black, Tan, and White Cat"... but because they also had a "Gray, Tan and White Cat" stamp I felt the Siamese Cat would add more to the Set than another "similar" cat as one already done... so, I used my artisitic license and went with it!  Enjoy!!! 



Chinese Lunar Year - "Year of the Tiger"



2010 Winslow Homer

Set of Two

"Breezing Up" & "Boys in a Pasture"



"Be Prepared" Took First Place in the 2010 American First Day Cover Society Cachetmaker's Contest 

Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Category

2010 - Scouting - #4472

"Boy Scouts of America - BE PREPARED"

This design won FIRST PLACE in the 2010 AFDCS Cachetmakers Contest...

Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Category


2010 - Scouting #4472 Combined with #995

"Eagle Scouts"

Same Design Combined with #1145

I painted this second Scouting design too late to enter the Cachetmaker's Contest... Even though the "Be Prepared" won First Place - I personally like this "Eagle Scouts" design just a little bit better... "Eagle Scouts" has proven to be a very popular cover.  There are only a few left.  If you would like to add one to the Schedule, just let me know.




2010 Scouting -#4472

Personalized One of a Kind

The actual cover includes this Bear/Cub's Name, Den Number, and Pack Number...

I didn't want to post this personal information on the web so it has been blocked out on this scan.

I can do a "personalized" cover for your scout from a furnished photo...



2010 Lady Liberty - "Air Force One Over Lady Liberty"

Available for placement on the Schedule...



2010 "Marine Life - Dual Issue - Sweden/Canada

"Spotted Seal/Porpoise/Sea Otter"


2010 "Marine Life" Dual Issue - Sweden/Canada

"Blue Whale"

I have one more set of "similar" First Day Cover Blanks... that could receive a "similar" design.  There is less space on the remaining two blanks but I'm sure I can come up with a very nice design to fit them.