EmSketch Graphite Pencil - 1999 and Earlier

1994 Apollo 11

"We Choose to go to the Moon"

U-547 Liberty Bell

Barack Obama

1948 George Washington Carver

1989 Black Heritage

Asa Philip Randolph

1992 Black Heritage

W.E.B. DuBois

1992 Giant Panda

1993 WWII Battle German U-Boats

Merchant Marine Captain Duurloo

Non-Cancel Version "SS Venore Sunk"

The Customer wanted this stamp with these two designs for a Non-Collecting relative...

... the original idea was to have only the stamp with no cancel. 

I showed the Customer an example of how I sometimes add an appropriate stamp along with my rubber hand stamp logo on the reverse side of all of my covers...

We decided to put this combination on the front side of the designs.

1988 Star Route Truck Coil

1939 Baseball Centennial 

"Eddie Gaedel"

A fitting design for this slightly undersized FDC

This First Day Cover was even Smaller... 

So, I had to do yet another "Gaedel" Design!

And since it was completed on Christmas Eve I added a small Christmas Touch to the Reverse EmSketch Logo...

1969 Apollo 8

"In the beginning, God..."

1997 Benjamin O. Davis - #3121

"Black Generals"



1993 Joe Louis

 "Brown Bomber"

1991 Summer Olympics - Sprint


"Florence Griffith Joyner"

1984 - #2096

Smokey Bear

The small "Smokey Bear" putting out the campfire with a bucket of water and the caption: "Care will prevent 9 out of 10 forest fires" were taken from a 1944 Fire Prevention Poster... previous to the "real" Smokey being saved in a forest fire near Capitan, New Mexico in 1950.



1969 Baseball Batter

"Mickey Mantle"

1969 W.C. Handy

"Father of the Blues"

This one will have to be called an "EmSketch-Plus" cover... Working with graphite pencil with this much coverage for the black background made it necessary to "clean up" the type with white gel pen and blue water-based oil paints.  I also used some oil pastel to help the coverage of the background.  This FDC was as you sometimes find with flap folded INSIDE the envelope and STUCK!  This meant that the uneven surface caused by this made getting a smooth appearance for the background difficult.  I did my best...


1963 R733 - Add-On

"Jesus Calling Matthew"

1948 USS Merrimack - Add-On

1997 Inauguration - Bill Clinton