The two "Baseball Greats" Design Sets were created over a span of years.  The changes in my methods and skills over time are apparent when viewing the complete sets.  The earlier cachets were made using different mediums and I learned much as time went by with improved results...

The earlier covers were some of the first that I ever made... I experimented with many different art medium over the years.  The earliest of them in the two "Greats" designs were done basically with water color and colored pencil... you may notice some differences in the look as you scroll down...

Eventually I discovered "Water-Based Oil" paints and to this day that is my preferred medium...

... but who knows, I may discover something new at any time!  On the Sets of "Greats" Be sure to scroll down to the cachets lower down... they are the latest and show the current skill level results!

Baseball Greats

Design One

It was at this point that the Collector of Design One decided to stop adding players...

The Collector of  Design Two kept pace with all of the above and continued on with 36 additional "Greats" besides...

´╗┐Baseball Greats

Design Two

Ballparks of 1939

Other Baseball Centennial #855 Designs

1939 Baseball Centennial #855
1939 #855 Dual Cancel - #2046 Babe Ruth
1939 Baseball Centennial #855
1939 Baseball Centennial #855
1939 Baseball Centennial #855