Hand Drawn Graphite Pencil "EmSketch" Cachets

Less exensive and quicker delivery alternative to my hand drawn hand painted cachets...

"Quick Sketch" graphite pencil designs that I "work into and around" the schedule sketching them in my "spare time".  I can usually have them completed and delivered within just a few weeks of receiving the order.  I have an extensive inventory of First Day Cover Blanks.  Let me know what stamp issue you are interested in... or you may supply any blank cover you have.

Contact me for current pricing on your desired project...


2017 John F. Kennedy

Thirty-Fifth U.S. President

2017 Presidential Inauguration

President Donald J. Trump

2016 Classics Forever

"Franklin /Washington /Lincoln"

2017 Christmas

5 3/4" x 8 3/4" First Day Covers

"Behold... the Lamb of God"

"The Lost Sheep".

"The Way, The Truth, & The Life"

2017 Father Ted Hesburgh

Father Ted Hesburgh With Ara Parseghian

"Champion of Civil Rights"

"Ted and Ned"

2016 Christmas Nativity

10" x 13" First Day Covers

"John 3:16"

"Shepherds Watching"

"Isaiah 9:6"

EmSketch Version of the 2016 Court of Honor Design

2016 Wonder Woman Deck Card


Early Era

Modern Era

2016 Acadia National Park

"Kayak Heaven"

2011 Merchant Marine

Sinking of the S.S. Venore

2012 USS Constitution

War of 1812


2015 Ingrid Bergman

2014 Abraham Lincoln

First Place Winner

AFDCS 2014 Cachet Maker's Contest Miscellaneous Medium Category


 2015 Robert Robinson Taylor

Number One Above and Number Two Below

Used Smaller image of Taylor for Number Two...

"Taylor's Masterpiece"  


"Dr. Robert T. Freeman"


"W.E.B. Du Bois"


2014 Charlton Heston

"The Ten Commandments"



2014 "Chief" Anderson

"Tuskegee Airmen"


2014 Batman "Deck Card"

The dark border on the Card required a little "extra" use of more than just "graphite pencil".   I still consider it an EmSketch Design but there is a splash of oil based pastel sticks in the mix.  The border made the challenge "interesting"!



2014 Christmas Magi

"Jesus, The Way, Truth, and Life"

"The Names of Jesus"



2014 Batman

"Batman Creator(s)"

Small #6 FDC Version



2014 Batman

"Batman Creator(s)"

Bob Kane, Bill Finger, & Jerry Robinson

10" x 13"

"TV Batman"

10" x 13"

"Batmobile thru the Ages"

10" x 13" 



My First "EmSketch" Cachet

2013 Johnny Cash - "America Remains"

2013 Ray Charles

David "Fathead" Newman



2013 Inverted Jenny

"13 Black Cats" 1920's Barnstormers


2013 Grand Central Terminal


2013 March on Washington

"I Have a Dream"


2012 Duck Stamp Station

"Aix sponsa - Wood Duck"


2011 Mark Twain

2013 Inauguration

"Barack Obama"