"EmPrint" Cachets - 2016  

I sell these printed covers on eBay but you may purchase direct by using the "Contact Me" email on this website.  I will let you know the availability and current pricing on any you are interested in.

Classics Forever Stamps

"Franklin - Washington - Lincoln"

Founding Fathers

General George Washington

Wonder Woman

Modern Era - Pictorial & Digital Cancels

Richard Allen

2016 Pickups

New Printing Techniques plus Added Background as compared to the earlier Pickup Truck Covers seen below... "America's Workhorse" - All Four Stamps

Larger Size on Truck... Cropped to fit With Olive Background Color

1937 Ford Pickup

2016 Pickups

"Dueling Cancels"

Can't really call them "Dual Cancels" but pretty close...

"Rough and Ready... Slow but Steady"

I'm sure you notice right away that this old timer has a familiar logo painted on the side of the door.  And if you are a customer or are in the least bit familiar with my ordering system you will understand where the idea comes from... This Old Truck in many ways like This Old Cachetmaker is well described as "Rough, Ready, Slow, but Steady!  Those waiting for their Emrick Cachet hand painted covers know full well about the "Slow" part!

Available on all four stamps in this issue.

I have also created this "Texas" Version

with each of the four stamps.

American First Day Cover Society

2016 Court of Honor "Number 36" Cachet

2016 Christmas Nativity

2016 Christmas Modonna


This Stuffer Card is Included with Each EmPrint Version of the Court of Honor Covers

These Guys Didn't Learn Their Lesson...

So they were Sent to the Jungle!

I had some addtional "Dora" Cancels and decided to put a "jungle" background behind the bad monkeys and move the type around a little bit... So now I have a second design for the "Evil Monkeys"!

2016 Chinese Lunar Year of the Fire Monkey

These guys were doing such a bad job the were FIRED!!!

This EmPrint Version of this design was created after I entered the original hand drawn and hand painted cover in the Contest/Challenge put on by the newly formed International Cover Collectors Association (ICCA) in April & May of 2016.

The Entry Cover won First Place!

To celebrate the victory I decided to print one EmPrint version of the Evil Monkeys for each of the Dues Paying Members of the ICCA.  At the time there were 48 Members receiving a cover.  I included 9 "Extras" to be given to the next nine people to join.