Printed Emrick Cachets

I sell these on eBay auction but you may buy direct.  Use the "Contact Me" email on this site to check the availability of any you may be interested in purchaseing.  I will let you know if I have any of your choices & the current pricing.

2002 Harry Houdini

1988 Cats

Another "Cat's Meow"

I've used this design taken from my hand painted "Kitten Eyes" on three different "cat" First Day Covers...

2012 Scouting

Juliette Gordon Low

Founder of Girl Scouts of USA

2012 Miles Davis

"Birth of the Cool"

2012 Edith Piaf


2003 Arctic Tundra

"The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe

1974 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

2009 Edgar Allen Poe



Cachet Illustrating 3 of Poe's Most Well Known Works

2011 Owney

Printed version of my hand painted "Owney Postal Pooch" design. 

The #1 of 16 Hand Painted Cover is included in the Smithsonian Postal Museum's "Owney Exhibit".

1988 "Cats"

1998 "Bright Eyes"

2002 "Spay & Neuter"

"The Cat's Meow"

2006 American Clock


2001 Nobel Prize - Dual Cancel

Alfred Nobel

2007 Polination - Set of Four

2012 "Eagle" Presort

"In GOD We Trust"

Found another "home" for my "Eagle Scout Eagle"

First Set Printed with Type Covered by Image...

It wasn't until after scanning and posting these here and on eBay that I noticed that the word "In" was "too far IN" and ran "in"to the Eagle's side completely covered... The selecting of type face and type size and position all went down the drain as I overlooked the covered word thinking "how good" it all looks in filling the open space!


2009 Gary Cooper

Image painted from

"Still" of 1926 Film: "The Winning of Barbara Worth"


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

2011 - Indy 500

"Super Tex"  A.J. Foyt

"Eddie Rickenbacker"

"Barney Oldfield"

2006 American Motorcycles

"The Wild One"

St. Lawrence Seaway


I managed to get two each of these designs through the printer without mishap, which considering the frailty of these 58 year old thin paper stock  three panel FDC Blanks ... the success was a pleasant surprise!

1998 Alpine Skier

"Washburn Challenge - Greenville Frog Skiing"

War of 1812

USS Constitution


"The Defeat of HMS Guerriere"

1996 Big Band Leaders

"Jimmy Dorsey"

This artwork is from one of my old "sketchbooks"... Found a good place for "JD" on this 1996 "Big Band Leaders" First Day Cover!

2011 Mark Twain

This is a printed version of one of my earlier"EmSketch" Graphite Pencil Drawing Cachets

I always spray my printed covers withe a fixative to protect them from scratching... This black graphite pencil print turned a bluish tint except for the jacket area.  Not sure why, maybe the "black" areas of the color scans are turning blue too but not noticable.

2006 Crops of the Americas

Same Image Printed on Each of the Five Stamp First Day Covers

Your Choice as long as each stamp selection lasts.

1991 William Saroyan Dual Cancel

"The Time of Your Life"

2011 Ronald Reagan

2011 Indianapolis 500

"First Winner - Harroun's Wasp"

Exclusive Design Sold ONLY through the AFDCS

Only 20 Printed - Contact American First Day Cover Society to Purchase... $12.00 Each

 2012 Christmas - "Merry Christmas - AFDCS Chapter 56 Northe Texas"

A scan of the Hand Painted "Original" Cover can be seen on the 2012 Stamp Issues page. 

The original cover was scanned and the file used to print 60 "EmPrint" versions for AFDCS Chapter 56.  Each cover is individually numbered on the reverse side - 1 through 60 of 60.

The Original Hand Painted Cover was donated to Chapter 56


"Portuguese Lighthouse"

  • 2007 Pacific Coast Lighthouses Grays Harbor Combo w/ 2003 Tybee Island
  • Available with various Lighthouse Stamp Issues


I completed the Original Oil Painting on 8/14/1974... the photo above was taken when it was close to being finished.  The painting now hangs in my study and looks the same (although complete) however the artist has changed slightly... shorter "lighter" hair and mustache, and most of the sideburns are gone too!  A quick click on the photo will update the current look of the artist...



"The Windmill Dock"

1980 "Midget Size" Windmills - #s 1738 - 1742

The Original Oil Painting for this was completed in 1975



"Greenville Woods, TX Skiing/Singing Frog"

1998 Winter Sports Alpine Skiing - Add-On

This design is the result of my 2008 Entry in the "Washburn Challenge" contest that for several years was put on by a "Mystery Man" in Brentton Woods New Hampshire.  I added the singing frog to his design and intended to obtain a Greenville, Texas cacancel... I used a Kermit (Muppets) stamp and subtitled the cover "It's EASY to be Green in GREENVILLE!".  The cover won "Most Creative" and I decided to do an "EmPrint" version using this skiing stamp...



"Peachy Sunflowers"

2008 Sunflower #4347

Another of my 1970s Oil Painting was used here...



"Safe At The Plate!"

2008 Take Me Out to the Ball Game #4341

I did this Watercolor Painting expressly for the printing of this "EmPrint" cover design.



"25th Anniversary - AFDCS Chapter 56"

2011 Ronald Reagan

This Anniversary "EmPrint" cover was done for the 25th Anniversary which corresponded with the 2011 TEXPEX show in Dallas, Texas.  It was made available at the show where Bart Forbes, the artist that designed the Reagan Stamp signed many of them for buyers.


The original painting and one of the EmPrint covers were matted and framed. 

This is now exhibited in the Wineburgh Philatelic Library on the campus of Texas University Dallas - Meeting place for the AFDCS Fred Sawyer Chapter 56.



"I Survived Bob Emrick's Cachet Making Presentation"


I did a quick "EmPrint" cover depicting myself presenting at the TETEXPEX 2011 show...  These were "free" handouts to attendees...