Printed Emrick Cachets

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1995 Marilyn Monroe

1960 Pony Express

1969 Baseball

Hall of Fame

Nolan Ryan

1998 Celebrate the Century

Superman, Snow White, & Gone With the Wind... ?

While searching for "Superman First Day Cover Blanks" I came across this curious combination of three 1998 Celebrate the Century Stamps.  Since Superman was the target of my search my thoughts naturally came up with the course of events described in the caption you see here.

I have no other FDC Blanks like this so, thankfully?... there will be no others printed  just like this one... One of a Kind!

1999 Famous Trains

It just happened that the first Set printed was on First Day Cover Blanks with a smaller cancel that was located a bit higher on the cover... see the small images below.  All of the First Day Cover Blanks that I have in my inventory for future printing have the "standard" cancels seen on the scans above.  These are a bit larger and are located lower on the cover.  This meant the "R/R Icon" had to be reduced and relocated lower on the cover and it also meant that the circle cancel gets inot the Daylight Train just a bit.  I also modified the "Fade-Out" area in the black night sky for the 20th Century Limited Train Cover.  Only one set exists like the first with the smaller cancels as seen in the smaller scans posted below...

And here's an example of just how the "Inverted Jenny" and other stamps like it were created... All the printer of the Inverted Jenny had to do was load the press sheets into the feeder with the wrong gripper edge facing the press... and that's all I had to do to ruin the only additional FDC Blank I had other than the successful one seen in the upper portion of this  Famous Trains section of this web page.  Unfortunately the print area for this wasn't like the Jenny - that is, open space and centered so that the image still appears inside the target area... no, this one just ruined the cover... but that's how it goes in the printing game.  I had a great and long career in high end high quality commercial printing... and things like this did happen from time to time, and I guess - STILL DO!

NOTE: This "Train Wreck" cover was purchased and will be housed in the same collection with one of the Full Sets along with one of the "good" All Five Stamp Covers!

I also had two of these 3 7/8" x 7 1/2" First Day Covers with all 5 stamps...

1969 Apollo 8

"In the beginning God..."

1984 Eleanor Roosevelt

Flight with Chief Anderson - 1941

1984 Smokey Bear

#10 Envelope - Add-On Cachet - 11/14/18

"Hot Foot Teddy aka Smokey Bear"

"Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires"

"Judy Bell & Smokey Bear"

1967 JFK 13c

"John John"


Whooping Cranes/Black-Necked Cranes

1962 Project Mercury

National Aeronautics Space Administration

1963 Audubon 5c

Redheaded Woodpecker

1996 - 2 cent Woodpecker

My Woodpecker found a home that he doesn't have to share with John James Audubon... It's all his!  Well, there is that little angel hanging around though... but that's a good thing!

1997 Thornton Wilder

"Our Town"

Normally I create my printed EmPrint Cachets from scans of my hand painted or hand drawn EmSketch covers.  This time I hadn't done any cachets for this stamp issue and the Customer wanted to include my artwork along with printed EmPrint Covers in his Family Chornicle Album that he is putting together... following his family history using First Day Covers that correspond with the happenings along the way... 

The Customer currently lives in Hamden, CT. the home town of Thornton Wilder playwrite of "Our Town" and other famous works.

Had a request for one of these and this time I tweaked the color just a bit...

I was given this "Challenge"...  to add this design to this FDC that already had the blue and black cachet printed on it... I did the best I could and it looks okay... it just kind of makes me think of  a "For Sale Sign" being out in the front yard...!

1997 General Benjamin O. Davis Senior

1989 Georgetown University Post Cards

Printed on both sides... As seen above, Front on top... Back below.

1970 South Carolina

2001 South Carolina Post Card



I was commissioned to do "Over-Sized" Artwork...  and then utilize the artwork at various sizeses and positions to produce these EmPrint Covers & Post Cards.

1991 Wood Duck

This design also used on 1985 Duck Decoys and One of a Kind 1984 Duck Stamp

1992 Alaska Highway

1925 17c Woodrow Wilson

1986 Statue of Liberty

French Post Card

First Day Cancel 

Plus US and French Stamp with Appropriate 1st Day Cancels

Small  EmPrint Cachet in Open Space between Stamps & Cancels

Signed Reverse Side of Post Card Showing EmPrint Logo and Date Printed

1965 Dante' Alighieri 

"Divine Comedy"

1966 Circus Clown

1997 Classic Movie Monsters

Lon Chaney Senior

Lon Chaney Junior

1974 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

1988 "Cats"

1998 "Bright Eyes"

"The Cat's Meow"

1959 St. Lawrence Seaway


I managed to get two each of these designs through the printer without mishap, which considering the frailty of these 58 year old thin paper stock  three panel FDC Blanks ... the success was a pleasant surprise!

1998 Alpine Skier

"Washburn Challenge - Greenville Skiing Frog"

A "Short?" History Explaining the Skiing Frog Design:

This design is the result of combining my 2007 & 2008 Entry Cover Designs for  the "Washburn Challenge".  This was a contest that for several years was put on by Jim Washburn (alias) a "Mystery Man" who lives in Bretton Woods New Hampshire by invitation to various cachet makers. 

Each year "Jim" had a famous Comic Book Artist create artwork for his Cachet that was printed and distributed to contestants.  A white envelope for himself, and colored envelopes - one for the Cachet Maker and one for AFDCS Auction that were then franked and canceled by the contestants... cachet "could be" added, but not required.  Being a Cachet Maker I always added a cachet.

It was more about stamps and cancels than about cachets with various categories aimed at interesting stamp/cancel relationship and location - including farthest distance for cancel etc..

In 2007 I did the "Greenville Frog" playing golf design placing the "Hello My Baby Singing Frog" on a golf green along side the provided cachet.  I won the "Most Creative" Category even though my Greenville, Texas hand cancel idea didn't work out as you can see due to extreme circumstances I ended up with the "spray on" North Texas Cancel... long (sad) story that I can explain if anyone is interested enough to email asking.

In 2008 I used some Swedish Ski Related Stamps and had one of my customers who lives in Sweden obtain cancels in Stockholm hoping to win the distance/theme category... but once again I was happy to win the "Most Creative Overall" Category .


2007 Entry Cover                 2008 Entry Cover

The annual contest suddenly ended in 2009 when there was no announcement of winners nor any word of "what" happened!

I did say "Jim" was a "Mystery Man" after all...

Just for fun I then did a hand painted cachet (on my own - not for the contest) placing the Singing Frog on a pair of skis and into the Skiing Scene... I gave one to "Jim" and did one for myself using the Alpine Skiing Stamp... and "that's" the explanation of how and why this design came to be!

You can find a little more information concering the Washburn Challenge by clicking on The Washburn Challenge in the Navagation Bar to the left side of this page.  I still get an occasional First Day Cover from "Jim" but not too often.

I used this Skiing Frog Cachet Design for this printed "EmPrint" version using the 1998 Alpine Skiing First Day Cover Blanks I had on hand resulting in the cover you see posted here... and that's...

"The Rest of the Story"!

1996 Big Band Leaders

"Jimmy Dorsey"

This artwork is from one of my old "sketchbooks"... Found a good place for "JD" on this 1996 "Big Band Leaders" First Day Cover!

1991 William Saroyan Dual Cancel

The cover above was printed on my Laser Printer - one of my earlier attempts at converting my hand painted artwork into printed covers... I did better with the ones printed on my ink jet below.   More experience with Photoshop helped a lot too!

Single US Stamp/Cancel - New Print Vesion

"The Time of Your Life"

I received a request to print this design on five various sized First Day Covers supplied by the customer... This required moving the images around a bit to fit the open spaces.

The Customer liked these "new" versions enough to request seven more printed...

... this time in several "other background colors". 

The Block of Four FDC offered another challenge that required moving the images a bit.

This odd-sized cover had the Saroyan Head and Signature printed on it before I added my design.  I "worked around" it to fit mine into the open space available.

For the new color background covers I was able to remove the existing cachet and let mine fill the entire open area... at the request of the customer... he was right!!!

This single Russian Stamp FDC had the problem of "Label Residue" which I did my best to cover up with print and a touch of colored pencil... also did one like it with US Stamp.

Added Green and Yellow Background Covers to the Single Russian Stamp Version.

Also did two (See Below) with different Stamp Configurations:

This very small cover had been cut open along the left edge... unevenly but I got it through the printer in one piece!  Couldn't do anything with the address.

"The Windmill Dock"

1980 "Midget Size" Windmills - #s 1738 - 1742

The Original Oil Painting for this was completed in 1975