"EmPrint" Cachets - 2017  

I sell these printed covers on eBay but you may buy direct by using the "Contact Me" email on this website.  I will let you know the availabilty and current pricing on any that you are interested in.

Have a Ball - Football

Roger Staubach

Have a Ball - Baseball

Jackie Robinson


Curtis Pride

Have a Ball - Baseball

"The House that Ruth Built"

William "Dummy" Hoy

Luther "Dummy" Taylor

Have a Ball - Basketball

Uncle Sam's Hat

John F. Kennedy

"I Served in the United States Navy"



"35th President of the U.S."

Father Ted Hesburgh


Martin Luther King Jr.

"Champion of Civil Rights"

New Color Background Version

"Play Ball - Soccer"

"Wanna' Play?"

I desided that the type wasn't "strong" enough to match the image... so, I ran each of these through the printer for a second "hit" on the type.  They now appear as you see in the  scan below...

The History of Hockey

Dual Cancel - US/Canada

"Lord Stanley of Preston"

Originator of The Stanley Cup

2017 Christmas

"...Behold   The Lamb of God..."

"From the Manger to the Cross"


2017 Inauguration

John F. Kennedy... ?

The WRONG cancellations were applied to Joshua McGee's very nice cachet design that he printed.  Joshua's design includes the portrait of JFK with folded arms, the type under the image along with the simple but elegant gold border edges.  Joshua chose not to return them for correct cancels and I was able to purchase six of them from him and gain permission to add my own cachet to create this RARE AND VERY UNIQUE FIRST DAY COVER "EmPrint" CACHET... by creating the design you see here... Hopefully the attempt at humor comes through to those seeing it...  Uncle Sam has "lost" his hat... and it seems that "Uncle Jack" may have it?

"Uncle Jack's Hat"

I added a special version of my EmPrint Logo to the reverse side with notation of having permission to print my cachet along side Joshua McGee's cachet!


Currently Available on eBay


Uncle Sam's Hat

Political Cartoonist - Thomas Nast

Nast didn't create the iconic "I Want You" Uncle Sam Illustration but did many political cartoons for various publications in the late 1800s utilizing his versions of Uncle Sam to represent the United States.

75th Anniversary "Battle of Midway"

Design One

Design Two

75th Anniversary "Doolittle Raid on Tokyo"

2017 Father Ted Hesbergh

Father Ted Hesberg & Ara Parseghian

Taken from Graphite Pencil "EmSketch" Design

2017 US Flag

"Old Glory"

"Oil Paintings by Bob Emrick Series"

Each Cover in this Series is Printed from a Photograph of my Original Paintings

Printed on 2017 US Flag First Day Covers

From Original Pastel Artwork

"He's Our Brother?"  Oil Painting Painted for my Son in 1989

Oil Painting from 1976