Printed Emrick Cachets

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1990 Wyoming Statehood


Whooping Cranes/Black-Necked Cranes

1991 Wood Duck

This design also used on 1985 Duck Decoys and One of a Kind 1984 Duck Stamp

1992 Alaska Highway

1991 William Saroyan

The cover above was printed on my Laser Printer - one of my earlier attempts at converting my hand painted artwork into printed covers...

... I have had better results with all of the rest of the William Saroyan Covers shown here above this one and below that were printed on my ink jet below.  

More experience with Photoshop has helped a lot too!

Single US Stamp/Cancel - New Print Vesion

"The Time of Your Life"

I received a request to print this design on five various sized First Day Covers supplied by the customer... This required moving the images around a bit to fit the open spaces.

The Customer liked these "new" versions enough to request seven more printed...

... this time in several "other background colors". 

The Block of Four FDC offered another challenge that required moving the images a bit.

The Customer wanted me to eradicate the cachet that had existed on this cover before I added my "Time of Your Life" cachet.  I had printed the red background around the existing cachet and thought it looked okay... but, the Customer sent it back to me asking that I "erase" the cachet and move my cachet to the left to cover that space.  I explained to him that I could "erase" the cachet in the open space but could not move everything around as he wanted so he agreed for me to simply cover it with "red background".  My normal methods for "erasing" wouldn't work because I had enhanced the printed cachet with colored pencil... and had sprayed the entire finished cover with fixative.  But, being asked to "do my best" I went forward in my attempt to eliminate the cachet.  In the process - just as I was thinking I was almost "there"... the paper tore and left me with only ONE option.  That was to cut the torn area from the cover and then hand paint an "insert" that would allow my hand painted image to show through.  I then glued the insert into position.  I think after all is said and done, it's at least not a complete loss.

This odd-sized cover had the Saroyan Head and Signature printed on it before I added my design.  I "worked around" it to fit mine into the open space available.

For the new color background covers I was able to remove the existing cachet and let mine fill the entire open area... at the request of the customer... he was right!!!

This single Russian Stamp FDC had the problem of "Label Residue" which I did my best to cover up with print and a touch of colored pencil... also did one like it with US Stamp.

Added Green and Yellow Background Covers to the Single Russian Stamp Version.

Also did two (See Below) with different Stamp Configurations:

This very small cover had been cut open along the left edge... unevenly but I got it through the printer in one piece!  Couldn't do anything with the address.

Folded Card

I printed the "Boxed Type" on the front next to the cancellations and the black & white images of the stamps that were there before I started.

When open this card is 13 1/2" wide... it folds off centered leaving one inch of the  left inside showing... I printed the portrait on the reverse side that shows completely when opened up... so!

The black image on the right hand page was existing beore I added my cachet.

Project #3

More variations on several different size covers with various cancels