Something New... "BobCatchets"
If you see something here that you like, check with me to see if any are available for purchase

A short explanation for the name "BobCatchets" and description of this new cachet line that I have started with the first design - printed on August 9, 2017.

My first name is "Bob" which is the "connection" I claim for using the slightly altered spelling within the title... "BobCatchets".

This "New" Cachet Line will be made up of high quality covers printed on a Brother Laser Printer.   These "BobCatchets" designs will be the same quality as far as the printing but they will differ from the "EmPrint" line of cachets as to the "source" of the design art and/or photo images. 

The "EmPrint" covers are printed from my own original artwork.

The "BobCatchets" will be my own designs but will utilize images other than my own artwork.

These will be priced a bit lower than the EmPrint covers since I don't have to put a lot of time into creation of art for them.  However, there is still a good amount of time that goes into creating the design and configuring the image(s) and type into said design so I intend to make these cachets to be "the best they can be" just as I do for the hand painted Emrick Cachets, the graphite pencil EmSketch, and the EmPrint covers.

Each cover will have the "BobCatchets" Logo on the reverse side.  "Add-On" Cachets will be numbered and dated with the date they were printed. 

I hope to utilize many of the thousands of Blank First Day Covers that I have in my inventory for printing of the "BobCatchets".  Many of them will obviously be considered to be "Add-On" Cachets.  The date notation on the reverse side will make the origin and date created perfectly clear.

I hope to add many new "BobCatchets" to this page in the days to come.  If the price range fits more collectors than my other creations do it should be a success.  We shall see!  I will do my very best to offer desirable covers for your collections.  Let me know if you have any requests, I have a large inventory of older First Day Cover Blanks and I also keep a supply of most new stamp issues.  Use the Contact Me email on this website for pricing information and availability of First Day Cover Blanks.

The "First" BobCatchet Design

2012 "Bobcat"

It only seems appropriate to make the first "BobCatchets" Design to be a "Bobcat" First Day Cover.  Only eight of these have been printed.

1990 "Bobcat"

I ran across this FDC Blank and thought it was a good place to print the "Bobcat" Design rather than letting it sit idle in the Inventory Files!

2017 - Father Ted Hesburgh

2015 - Elvis Presley
"Elvis Meets President Nixon"

This Cachet is a "Combination of EmPrint/BobCatchets"

My Artwork for the Border and "Other Images" for Uncle Santa

"Uncle Santa"

2002 Christmas - Add-On One of a Kind Cachet

While working on the 1938 Presidential EmSketch Set I printed a "Position Only Practice" Border on some old FDC Blanks... One of them, this 2002 Christmas FDC actually came out good enough to save for "something" in the future.  I ran across it while working on another design and decided to take a few moments to come up with "Uncle Santa" One of a Kind!

As you can see I used the famous "Flagg Painting of Uncle Sam" and changed the face to Good Ol Saint Nick.  After getting it to this point and ready to print I thought... hey, if I created one more layer with the had tilted to match Santa's head it would be better...

But, I figured I had already put in too much of my time and went with it as is.  It's just a "For Fun" design anyway!

2016 Pick Up Trucks

Just One Set of these printed. 

You may notice that the "Chevy" seems just a bit less finished and flashy than the other three... that's because this set started with my wanting to use an image of MY OWN "Hot Rod Chevy" Pick Up Truck (1950 Model)... Which I did. 

The truck has been sold and I don't have it anymore, but it was a BLAST to drive!!!