1969 Baseball - #1381 - *Add-On Cachets

This is #4 of "The Mick Slides Home!" design... the previous three are painted on the 2008 Take Me Out to the Ball Game stamp issue first day covers.  The collector purchasing this cover (correctly) says the Mickey Mantle era conforms more closely with this 1969 stamp.

Curtis Pride

One of my Good Customers, Kenneth Rothschild sent these three photos to me showing him with deaf former major league baseball player and now current Head Coach for the Gallaudet University Bisons - Curtis Pride.  Kenneth met with him and received the autograph on the Emrick Cachet as shown while attending his 50th Reunion at Gallaudet University... I'm posting here with Kenneth's permission.

Certainly additional value added to this cachet!   10/15/18

New Set of 12... 

Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Carl Furillo, Don Drysdale, Warren Spahn, Maury Wills, Stan Musial, and Don Sutton.

\Early Cachets Painted in 2006

The cachets shown below were painted in my first year of cachetmaking... I was still "searching" for the "right" medium to use.  Just looking at them I think that my painting skills and style has improved a bit.  About two years after painting these I started using water-based oil paints and of course "Practice makes (closer to) Perfect"

"Warren Spahn - Milwaukee Braves"

"Ebbets Field - Home of the Brooklyn Dodgers"


"Carl Furillo - Brooklyn Dodgers"


"Duke Snider - Brooklyn Dodgers"


"Don Newcomb - Brooklyn Dodgers"


"Roy Campanella - Brooklyn Dodgers"


"Sandy Koufax - Brooklyn Dodgers"


"Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers"


"Gil Hodges - Brooklyn Dodgers"

As noted above these were painted in my first year of cachetmaking... Quality not quite as high as I paint today... but back then you didn't have to wait half as long for them as you do today!!!